OSIS Technologies is an exclusive distributor Tinytapps Software for their Wee learning software for the ASEAN, China & HK Markets.

Tinytapps Software is a leading Ed-tech company focusing on early learning. With a strong content portfolio of 65 apps and wee learning system available on cloud and SD card is positioned to play a leading role in the growing preschool space.

The WEE Learning system is a unique learning and entertainment solution featuring a structured and integrated digital syllabus of more than 1000 activities complemented with games, puzzles, rhymes, stories, worksheets and parental controls. It goal is to make learning efficient, fun and impart the core and fundamental building blocks of Language, Math and Science for a child’s early development.

We have also partnered with a Visionary Fortune 100 Technology company to bring the Software University’s Certified Training Programs to the University Students. These short terms programs are targeted towards making the students employable immediately on completion of the courses.